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Meet Mike Frost

Mike is a tech CEO turned Artist, an Austin, Texas native, husband and father to 7 kids with a passion for great spaces and modern art.

After spending more than 30 years as a tech CEO and investor, he decided to focus on his love for painting. In 2022, Mike opened his own art studio in Austin, Texas, with an eye for bright and vibrant colors and a Big Idea.

Mike believes “risk-taking” is an ingredient in all our lives, not just entrepreneurs, and we all live with both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Mike isn’t targeting traditional art collectors through a traditional gallery. Mike believes there is an abundance of original art buyers interested in a direct relationship with an artist that is elegant and easy. 

Mike’s clients are busy professionals that connect with the concept of a great space and the potential impact of their own original artwork. He works directly with the client to design the size, style and color palette…and it’s all done online through iPhone photos and a series of Zoom calls and the final product is delivered via white glove fine art shipping company.

Great Spaces

The notion of great spaces is about creating a safe space to step-out of the battle and rejuvenate mind and spirit.  A great space has more than good vibes, it’s an atmosphere of healing and encouragement. It’s uniquely personal, and Mike’s vision is to create original art specifically for individuals as a finishing touch to their great space.

Spending significant time in New York while his family was in Austin, Mike spent countless hours in the museums and galleries in West Chelsea nurturing his vision of Abstract Expressionist Modern Art.  His medium of choice is acrylic paint using customized pouring tools.

Our Process

Step 1

Send me a photo of your space.

Step 2

I extract the exact color values from your space

Step 3

Get a painting that looks native to your great space.

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